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Becoming as a Deluxe Network Program Representative

As a Deluxe Network Program Representative (DNPR) you will provide individuals, families and businesses with superior access to various health care professionals and countless businesses. You will have the opportunity to help businesses grow, assist people find value for their everyday needs and achieve financial freedom for yourself and those around you.
As a DNPR you will be required to make one sale, that’s right only one sale of $49.95 every month (30 days). If you are unable to complete this sales goal, you need to make up the following month in order to receive commission for the people in your downline. If you work diligently you can even qualify for the entire year’s sales of $599.95 in the first month. If you do not make sales goals continuously for one year, then you will need to reenroll as a DNPR in order to be eligible to receive commissions.

Commission Structure
1. Sign up as a Representative and refer 1 friend and complete sales goals
2. Refer 2 friends and achieve goals to become Silver Status
3. Refer 3 friends and achieve sales goals to become Gold Status
4. Refer 4 friends and achieve sales goals to become Platinum Status


Why it’s so easy:

No parties and no high priced products!

Only friendly conversations about helping your friends find savings!

DNP will pay out DNPRs commissions on the 10th of each month according to last month’s sales (first day of the calendar month to the last day of the calendar month).

                        DISCLAIMER: the DNPR is responsible for their own start date and DNP is not liable for the success/failure of the DNPRs ability to gain sufficient sales in the allotted time given to receive bonuses.

DNPRs will have access to all commission information through the DNP’s Website Back Office. The Back Office is a program to keep track of your downline, your DNPR Rank, and keep in contact with your sponsors and sponsor team. The website also has access to all training videos, replicated web pages, and more!


There are no guarantees regarding income in the Deluxe Network Program, LLC opportunity. The success or failure of each Deluxe Network Program Representative like in any other business, depends upon each Deluxe Network Program Representative’s skills and personal effort. Earning levels for Deluxe Network Program Representatives that appear in DNP literature are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual’s abilities, personal ambitions, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors.

You can sign up for Representative Training (in the Sign Up tab) to optimize your success. Please watch the optional ‘training videos’ on the Representative Tab before signing up to become a DNPR. If you complete these videos and are not a DNP member, you can complete an assessment to become a DNPR.

DNP Rep training video