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How much can I save using DNP(Deluxe Network Program)?

DNP is a revolutionary program offering its members great savings on services at all of our participating businesses. DNP Will do the work to find you the best deals and exclusive offers; each visit with a participating business will save you money (see specific business details for the complementary item and percentage off). You must have your DNP loyalty card at time of purchase to receive every deal listed on this website.

Who can I include in my membership?

1 individual membership for 18-year-old and above is $49.95. To add anyone extra to a membership (Children or Spouse) a member will pay an additional $49.95 which includes ALL additional household members.

When does my membership start?

It starts on the day of purchase after we receive the funds. If your membership is mailed in to headquarters it starts on the day that it is received by us. By signing up online it starts right then.

Can I go to anyone and receive discounts?

No. You must go to a participating business in our network. You can see the list of businesses by visiting our website, click on businesses, click on the State you are wanting.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up on our website by clicking Signup. You can call corporate headquarters and we can sign you up, or you can call corporate headquarters and we can mail you the paper form and you can mail it in.

When will I get my membership card?

You will receive your membership card within 10 business days after purchase.

What if I lose my membership card?

Unfortunately, you will only be issued one card. If you lose yours, you may call us and we can fax a copy of your card to the participating provider that you will be visiting. If you want an additional card you will need to purchase an additional membership.

Can I use DNPR with my insurance?

No. However, if you have reached your maximum (most dental insurances have this) then you can use DNPR after that has been reached.

Is this insurance?